Video contest helps students ‘Discover Daley’

During Spring Semester 2014, The Richard J. Daley Library invited UIC students to create videos showcasing the library and its services. The four-minute videos share a look at the student resources and research services in the UIC University Library. In its first year, the annual contest gave students a chance to win prizes from the UIC bookstore, with a top prize of a $500 gift certificate.  After much deliberation, a panel of judges selected the top three entries. Congratulations to this year’s winners! Check out the winning entries below:

1st place: Ai Nhu Nguyen

This creative storytelling was shot using an iPhone! In Discover Daley, Ai Nhu Nguyen shows how students rely on the UIC University Library to achieve their academic goals. Included are the diverse resources, services and spaces available to students. Watch here to learn how the UIC University Library supports student success.

2nd place: Chong Choi

Chong Choi’s Student’s Perspective video tells the story of the UIC University Library through student experience. Pro Tips call out the resources and services available, while an interview answers how UIC librarians maximize the library’s resources for students.

3rd place: Hamza Bounouader

The untitled entry by Hamza Bounouader pairs an energizing soundtrack with impressive camera work, visual aids, and shots of Chicago’s unmistakable skyline. Hamza’s video shows a concise and detailed overview of the UIC University Library services. The step-by-step guide to using Ask-a-Librarian is an informative point of reference and is a great tool when using the service.


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